Wiz Khalifa – X 4 X ft. Desiigner

Wiz and Desiigner go “Xanny for Xanny” on their “Bong Rips” collaboration. The most surprising collaboration on Wiz Khalifa’s new Bong Rips EP is “X 4 X,” which finds Wiz working with Brooklyn hitmaker Desiigner.

Their energies couldn’t be more different on the track, which is produced by frequent Chief Keef and Lil Uzi Vert collaborator DP Beats.

Desiigner locks into his tunnel vision raps, never pausing or looking behind him as he delivers barrelling flows. As for Wiz, he opts for a much more staccato-based delivery, using the space around him to great effect rather than filling it with relentless bars like Desiigner.

The dynamic is highly complimentary, and makes for one of the strongest moments on the new project.

Listen to the full EP, which also features a pair of guest appearances from Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods, below.

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