Wifisfuneral – Jackie Chan


Chop the xans like I’m Jackie Chan. Wifisfuneral pays homage to a cinematic legend with “Jackie Chan,” leaving us all with the mental image of Jackie Chan karate chopping some Xanax.

While the xan-heavy subject matter may seem played out at this point, the sinister beat from ? imbues this joint with a revitalized life. Wifi seems to have more raw talent than some of his peers, and dude can actually flow.

While “Jackie Chan” is both short and sweet, it serves as a nice reminder of Wifi’s capabilities. His brand new mixtape Boy Who Cried Wolf dropped today, and while it’s full of raw vibes, it shows a young artist working on developing his sound.

“Jackie Chan” showcases what might happen if Wifi delves into some more polished, mainstream production.


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