Wifisfuneral – DisDaHateSongBby :/

Wifisfuneral gets real on new song “DisDaHateSongBby.” Wifisfuneral has dropped a new track, which seems to have been meant for the recently dropped Members Only project.

“my bad jah, forgot to send this to you. my track for members only vol 3,” captions Wifi, which might explain why the track didn’t make the final cut. The track finds Wifi in his emotions, sparing no detail on the jealousy and paranoia that so often accompanies fresh heartbreak.

Backed a minimalist beat, Wifi’s penchant for lyricism shines all too briefly. While the track’s run-time sits at over three minutes, the vast majority is the beat riding out. I guess that’s to be expected, as Wifi basically warned us in the title that he “likes the beat riding out.”

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