Wasiu – 44:4 (44 Fours)

Wasiu doffs his cap to Jay Z on “44:4.” Jay-Z’s album 4:44 comes out this Friday. The time is right for Wasiu to release his Hov tribute “44:4 (44 Fours).” “I recorded this back in February with no intention of really releasing it,” Wasiu told 2DopeBoyz.

“22 Two’s is one of my favorite Jay Z songs, and I wanted to do my own rendition of his concept, but with the number 4 instead. The universe works in mysterious ways, the mathematics are lined up crazy… He’s dropping this 4:44 album, and I figured it would be perfect timing to release this song as homage to him.”

Listen to “44:4” and Wasiu’s new mixtape Snow Mexican.

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