Ugly God – Stop Smoking Black & Milds

Ugly God rails against smokers in “Stop Smoking Black & Milds.” Not sure any of us saw this coming, but Ugly God has debuted a new track that condemns smoking rather than supports it.

The rapper’s latest is “Stop Smoking Black & Milds,” a selection from his upcoming project The Booty Tape, and sports a title that sets the tone for the antagonistic lyrics that follow.

Ugly God has always sort of marched to the beat of his own drum, and this song is further proof of him going against a popular opinion in hip-hop culture.

After seeing a woman light up, he isn’t shy about calling her “unattractive,” “nasty” and “trashy.” Strong words from Ugly God, although it’s hard to imagine having it any other way. The Booty Tape drops this Friday (August 4th).

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