Phil Ade – No Fear ft. Tate Kobang

Phil Ade debuts a new single, “No Fear.” Phil Ade has suffered from a bit of career lull, but he’s definitely motivated to get it back on track, with support from fellow DMV native, Wale, undoubtedly a plus.

The rapper has been doing his thing on the blog scene for several years now, although he’s never quite managed to breakthrough just yet.

Today he’s debuting a new single, which although sombre in tone has a powerful, and positive message. Phil brings along Tate Kobang and female vocalist Saba Abraha. It’s the lead single from Phil’s forthcoming album, Selfish.

Speaking to Billboard about the upcoming album, Phil referenced his time spent hidden away from view — “I took a break from releasing music but never stopped recording.

Had an entire album I was finishing up in 2014-2015 that I ended up scrapping when I got the invitation to work with Wale.” Fair enough. Check out the new single, and let us know if it’s Phil’s time to shine (hehe).

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