NAV & Metro Boomin – Held Me Down


On “Held Me Down,” NAV raps about how his girl has always supported him while other girls aren’t as trustworthy. It is one of the more sentimental songs on an album where “the come up,” drugs and flaunting wealth take precedence.

Here, NAV talks about a girl who would take care of him before he was famous. Much of NAV’s music details his rise to fame and he reflects on his old life, before the fame. This is what he means by “way before I found my sound.”

NAV is expressing gratitude and seems to be wistfully recalling their time together. He says that spending time with her “kept [his] feet on the ground,” meaning he felt grounded with her.

It would be easy for him to leave his past life behind, as he raps on “Call Me,” but here, NAV seems be expressing a genuine feeling of being indebted to the significant other about whom he is singing.


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