Meek Mill – Made It From Nothing ft. Teyana Taylor and Rick Ross


Meek reps where he was born and raised in on this song. He decides to go into details in his lyrics.

South Philly from my dad genes, nigga

South philly was were his dad passed away, he dad usually go to hustle before he died, nice using north and south philly to describe stories of his life.

I can wear my dad jeans

Meek trying to explain after his father died, he had to become the man of the house, taking up his late dad place, taking care of mother and sister.

Bought my mom and sister a new crib when that cash came / Nigga, put some respect up on my last name

He just telling you all how his taking good of his family and saying he demands respect from you all haters

No better feelin’ seein’ lil Papi talkin French to me

Meek Mill gets more satisfied and happier when he sees his child Papi speaking French since he is attending at one of the schools in the U.S which teaches foreign languages like French.

Take a Listen Below…


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