Lil Uzi Vert – Repercussions

Lil Uzi has clearly never seen the “drugs are bad” infomercial. Complex has shared two new Lil Uzi tracks, including the Maaly Raw produced Alone Time and the FKi produced “Repercussions.”

The origin is unclear, and it may very well be a throwaway, a b-side, or a Luv Is Rage 2 cut, though the latter is doubtful. Overall, the track is largely about a Xanax binge, in which Lil Uzi pops four and channels the events of “The Hangover.”

The beat is loud and industrial, with an uncomfortable synth progression and distorted percussion. Lil Uzi’s autotuned wails howl like a lean-infused wolf, while the main melody repeats, a drug addled nursery rhyme.

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