Lana Del Rey – Heroin

Lana sets herself in the middle of Topanga, California known as an oasis for artists, talking about her own and a lover degradation and decay caused by “Heroin” which she uses with a double entendre alluding to the actual drug and to fame as a metaphor.

She narrates the story in a very dark tone mentioning the band Mötley Crüe which had a member who struggled with this kind of drug and Charles Manson probably alluding to the Manson Family and their murders, suggesting that the situation itself takes place around the 70s-80s.

In the song Lana talks about being tired of it and how she wishes her loved one and herself could change their way of living, posing the question–if in the end both of them survived this battle.

Fourteenth song on her fifth studio album Lust for Life, is also the longest track on the record and Lana’s favorite one.

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