July 7 – Pronto


The UK’s July 7th is back with “Pronto.” A producer and singer, Manchester, UK-based artist July 7 is no stranger to the boards or the mic. Having taken up production for the likes of Travis Scott, T.I., and Young Thug, he’s now stepping up to create something of his won.

He got the ball rolling with his last drop “Talk To Me,” which racked up an impressive 600,000+ streams and even made it to No. 6 on Spotify’s Global charts.

He’s now returned with the track “Pronto.” To the mainstream, it’s definitely a change of pace and arrives drenched with potential.

“As a self taught musician, I made well use of the internet and social media in order to bridge the gap from the UK to the US, which eventually led to me heading out to the states to live and work with the artists I look up to,” he tells Mass Appeal.

“My roots mainly lie in R&B, but I am very eclectic in my approach to music. I like to explore all avenues of music, creating something fresh and unique, a hybrid of sounds. Everything is kept in house with myself covering most aspects production, writing, mixing and recording—I mostly enjoy working alone with no distractions in order to solely lock in and connect. I like to refer to my songs as ‘moments.’ I’m painting pictures with sounds and immersing myself into the music, creating a new, colorful trip.”


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